Archive for February, 2008

four hundred and fifteen

Changi Airport, Singapore Moderate to strong James Brown on the iPod, reading Then We Came To The End, starting to feel tired now

four hundred and twelve

Airbus A330, still very high up above the Indian Ocean Moderate to strong Still watching The Chaser’s War on Everything

four hundred and six

546, Hyatt Regency, Perth Moderate to strong Reading about the latest goings on at the Midlands Arts Centre

four hundred and four

Outside Hyatt Regency, Perth Moderate to strong About to leave for Perth Writers’ Festival opening event (mosquito buffet)

four hundred and one

Port Campbell, Victoria Moderate to strong Brief stop: David Foster Wallace: Authority and American Usage

four hundred

Loch Ard Gorge car park Moderate to strong The “two German girls” are a bit late

three hundred and ninety

1922, Grand Hyatt, Melbourne Moderate Sneezecount notebook: “even in Melbourne the 3 pm sneeze” – what the hell does that mean?